Engage to Maximize Your Business

engageOkay, we have our fast-loading, responsive site up with calls to action, our autoresponder ready to go, our tracking software set up, and our landing pages completed. It’s time to engage.

There are three ways to engage: your website, email and social media. Actually four if you include an app that people can put on their smartphones – you can then ‘push’ traffic to them.

Now, you can automate or outsource some of this, but the owner of the company has to be the voice of that company, which means investing time and effort into engaging with clients and potential clients.

But, you can multi-purpose some of your engagement. Whenever you create a blog post, make sure a link to it goes up on all your social media accounts and in your email lists. You can add streams from your social accounts to your website.

The idea is to be friendly and informative; to become a trusted authority. Just photos with cute quotes on them is not going to do it.

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