Business Fundamentals – Secure Your Base

online business fundamentalsBefore going out on the web with your site and associated software, we recommend you get your base secure. Also follow basic precautions like not opening attachments in emails and checking where links in the emails really go. If you’re not sure, type it into your browser manually.

Your first line of defense is a router with a strong password for both router and Wi-Fi. We’ve provided a checklist of other recommended actions below.


  • A hardware firewall (router) protecting all business computers – can be
    upgraded to a SMB security device for larger offices
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi Network with a strong password

Employee Training

  • Don’t download or install software
  • Limit use of USB drives
  • Don’t divulge passwords

The following should be on all business computers…

  • Secure Profile Login
  • Security Suite
    • Should cover all types of malware and optionally include secure web
      browsing (software checks for known malware sites)
    • Subscription valid and virus database updated daily
    • Full computer scan at least weekly
  • Updated Software
  • Data Backup System

The following should also be on all business laptops and smartphones although
they can also be on office computers if susceptible to theft…

  • File Encryption
    • Microsoft has BitLocker built into its Pro versions of Windows
  • Password Software protecting all passwords with a master password – like
    LastPass ( or RoboForm (
  • Optional: LoJack ( or other
    tracking software
  • Optional: BIOS password


What we recommend is proving your identity in cyberspace. If you do a WHOIS lookup on you’ll get the following information:

Creation Date: 15-apr-1998
Expiration Date: 14-apr-2018

In order to have your own custom nameservers you can’t use Shared hosting, you need at least a Reseller account, or a VPS or Private server. But, that lets everyone on the web know that your are a real business.

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