Call Tracking

Analyze where your phone leads are coming from. Get the Caller ID, record the call and establish a call flow.

Someone once said "Half my ads are working and half are not, I'm just not sure which is which". Well now you'll be able to tell the difference. With our Call Tracking software, hosted on our dedicated server, you can use trackable phone numbers, both local and toll-free, to track all your ads, both online and offline.

See the location and number of the caller right in the dashboard, plus any caller's history including duration & location

Record all incoming calls, assign codes, see stats in real time and be notified of calls above a set duration

Generate call reports based on duration, answered vs. unanswered, daily trends, phone codes and campaigns

Build advanced call flows using: Greetings, Menus, Round Robin, Multiple Numbers, SMS, Voicemail, Store Hours and more

There's More...

  • Make outbound calls using a mobile app or browser extension, or make voice or SMS broadcasts with our auto dialer.
  • Monitor your staff to see how they are responding to prospective clients/customers.
  • Test different phone scripts with clients/customers to see which one works best.
  • What are your customers' frequently asked questions
Now when you place an Internet ad, a newspaper ad, or direct mail campaign you just assign a different phone number to each ad and can tell immediately if that ad is working or not.