How Social Media Creates New Marketing Opportunities

2-way communication on the world wide web

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Prior to digital marketing, the old days of broadcast advertising – TV, radio, newspapers, billboards – were hugely inefficient methods of reaching your target audience.

Marketing is getting in front of the right person at the right time at the right price. How many of the wrong people are watching a TV ad or reading a billboard that you’ve paid for?

Digital marketing was huge. Now you could put an ad in front of someone who was actually seeking what you had to offer. Email marketing built trust to warm prospects to your sales pitch.

Now comes the rise of social media bring with it two-way communication with prospective clients/customers.

Social media is such a huge part of digital media that most of the time, the terms are used interchangeably. Social media is a sub category of digital media so when we talk about digital marketing it includes social media marketing through blogs, websites, marketing hubs, Facebook pages, landing pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google plus profiles etc.

Before social media, digital advertising was not as successful as it is now because of the way social media supports two-way communication but digital media did not. Different options such as to comment, like, retweet, reply, favorite, reposting and many others pave a way for the viewer to let the content curator know how they feel about it. Businesses can use this feature to collect feedback, get people’s opinion within seconds and modify or change their social media strategy accordingly.  read more at

Of course, that means that businesses have to spend more time with online engagement – posting to several social media sites, responding to comments, monitoring their online reputation, also essentially using social media as a support desk.

But, the opportunities of social media marketing can make up for that by free advertising through posts or highly targeted paid advertising when for years Google Adwords was about the only option. Now your options are expanding as fast as the World Wide Web.



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